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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Trip to a Farm...

Apparently, my dad, Francis N. Duffey, didn't spend all his time on campus. These pictures are of a trip to a farm. There are no notes on any of the pictures, so I don't know where the farm was located. Also the sailor pictured is not identified. My dad is not in any of the pictures so I'm assuming he was the photographer. I thought, at first that the sailor might be my uncle, David L. Duffey, Sr., because I remember Dad saying something about Uncle David coming to visit him on leave when Dad was in Kansas. But Uncle David almost always smiles in pictures, and this person is never smiling. If you think I'm wrong, let me know!

This appears to be the farmer.

This could be the road to the farm.

Unidentified sailor standing on the road.

A calf.

The man is not my dad. He appears to be the same sailor pictured on the road. Appears to be the same calf.

Unidentified sailor hiking in a creek.

Unidentified sailor hiking in a creek.

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