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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Odds and Ends

There were three additional loose photographs in the album when I found it. They are all from the 1960's, long after Dad's time in the Navy. I am including them because he put them in there, although he had lots of other places to store photos from that newer time. Two are political, one is religious, and only one of the three has identifying information on the back.

The back of the picture: Democratic Dinner at Colonial Terrace, Saturday, 9:30 p.m.
Left to R, Frank Duffey, Ellen Rehmann (possibly misspelled, handwriting is hard to read), Martin R. Parker
Compliments A.A.G.

The picture was undoubtedly taken after 1960 when we were living in Croton, New York. My dad was active in Democratic Party politics at the time, and worked for various candidates. I have no memory of these people, but I was very young at the time, and generally not involved in my dad's political affairs. I have no idea who A.A.G. could be.

From the back: The Frank Reel for Congress Committee, 122 Main Street, Tarrytown, New York
Photographer Anthony Hyde, Jr.
Compliments of Croton-Cortland News

No one is identified in the picture, but my dad is on the far right. The picture was taken on the Hudson River. Note the mothballed Navy ships in the upper left corner.

St. Bonaventure Retreat House
My dad was very involved with the Catholic Church for his whole life and went on retreats at various times. There is no notation on the back of the picture, but my dad is in the middle of the first row, bald, wearing a dark blazer. I do not recognize any of the people in the picture. Given my dad's appearance the picture was taken after 1960.

These are the last of the items in my dad's scrapbook. After leaving the Navy, he went on to graduate from Marquette University, become a journalist, then work in advertising, and eventually become a video producer for the March of Dimes. He had his ups and downs, but had a superb sense of humor throughout his life. He is missed to this day.

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