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Friday, July 23, 2010

Spring on Campus, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

My dad, Francis N. Duffey, moved on to the University of Kansas in Lawrence in the spring of 1946. K.U. archives indicate that this was a period of transition for the NROTC on campus, which is not surprising with the end of WWII. Again, Dad has lots of pictures from this period, but very few have any notes on them. This first picture is one of the few that has names attached.

Back of picture: Henning, Delapp, Hampsch, & Duffey. First Sunday in Kansas.
Full names: Don Henning, Joe Delapp, George Hampsch, and Francis N. Duffey

No notes on picture. It is now the University of Kansas Natural History Museum.

No notes on picture. It's not my dad. It looks like Joe Delapp.

No notes on picture. My dad is crouching on the left.

No notes on picture. Appears to be the same building that has the porch the four sailors are standing on in the first picture of this set. It could be their residence.

No notes on picture. Two unidentified sailors.

No notes on picture. I'm thinking this was not Dad's house. Looks like a university president's house.

No notes on picture. Strong Hall.

No notes on picture. Three unidentified sailors.

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