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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life on Campus, University of Kansas, 1946

There are no notes on the backs of any of this page of pictures, but they are obviously taken on or around the K.U. campus.

Unidentified sailor, K.U. 1946

Unidentified sleeping sailor, could be my dad, he sure did like to take a nap!Check out the wallpaper. K.U. 1946

Unidentified house with two people on the porch. Based on previous pictures this is most likely my dad's residence. The ivy would appear to go right inside and become the wallpaper in the previous picture.

Unidentified sailor at a desk. K.U. 1946

My dad, Francis N. Duffey, is on the left. Unidentified sailor on the right. K.U. 1946

KU Military Science building that is still
being used today as offices and classrooms of the Navy/Army/Air Force
ROTC programs.  Above the entry door is an eagle engraved in stone.
Identification thanks to Capt, C.A. Carpenter, Professor of Naval Science, Commanding Officer, K.U. Naval ROTC Unit.

Unidentified desk, but presumably my dad's. Note the bathing beauty poster!

Unidentified sailor, K.U. 1946

Two unidentified sailors, K.U. 1946

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