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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Formal Event

This page contains some pictures of classmates and activities. There are also two pictures of a more formal event. It could be the "Navy Farewell Formal" described in the "Fantail Forum" newsletter, which was presented in a previous post.

This is a picture of a training activity. I'm assuming the sailors are at ease, otherwise, I'm not sure how we would have won WWII.

An unidentified sailor at a desk.

Another unidentified sailor at a desk.

A group of unidentified sailors.

Given the ages of the officers in the picture I think it is likely that the one on the left is Captain John V. Peterson, USN, Commanding Officer, and the one on the right is Commander R. J. Baum, USN, Executive Officer. The lovely young lady is unidentified, but appears to be too old to be Captain Peterson's daughter. Perhaps the wife of the Executive Officer?

A young, unidentified officer.

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