Anchors Aweigh!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Stroll Across Campus, K.U. 1946

When sailors walk across campus they notice pretty girls... and...statues!

Two unidentified sailors goofing around.

Two pretty girls.

She seems to be dozing. If Dad's taking the picture he better do something to wake her up...

Dad must have startled her, because now she seems awake, but also falling off the edge of the table!

This seems to be a sailor's dream, surrounded by college girls...

A close-up of the girl on the left in the picture of two pretty girls.

An unidentified sailor strolling on the K.U. campus, 1946.

Two sailors with textbooks strolling on the K.U. campus, 1946.

Three sailors hanging out on the K.U. campus, 1946.

A sailor assisting "The Pioneer" (by Frederick C. Hibbard, 1904) in his work. Could be titled "Working Hard or Hardly Working."

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