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Friday, July 23, 2010

Goodbye, G.A.C.

My dad was with the last class of V-5's that attended Gustavus Adolphus College. The war was over and gradually all of the war training programs at colleges all over the US were phased out. But, not to worry, the GI Bill meant that colleges were about to be flooded with eager young men and women, looking to better themselves.
Remembrances of Francis N. Duffey
Listing of those mentioned in the essay:
Rick Cotton, John Russell, Emery Campbell, Bill Baldwin, Roger Boraas, Hedin, Floyd Oslund, Dick Tonigan, Cliff Zobel, Jack Bowles, Bob Harvey, Blair Mooney, Wilson, Jim McHenry, Jim Ware, Connie Eimers, Marshall, Houde, Warren Richardson, Doc White, Bob Francoeur, Mrs. Nelson, Rodine, Dan Gullitch, Chris Rice

Text of the document:
Yes, goodbye, more obstacle courses with the Chief urging us more listening to Cotton blowing tattoo, or Russell playing "Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning" before reveille....or the religious arguments with Campbell and Baldwin after taps....or the frantic rush of a fire drill....No more spit and polish, deck waxing, window washing, each Saturday...or snappy drill, with company competition at a keen edge...No more calisthenics at 0615 next to the field house with Roger Boraas showing us how....and Hedin showing us how 1030 musters with the mail call at the end...or Monday night Naval Org classes, with all the boys admiring the way the skipper talked....

Yes, goodbye, the brew at the Polar Maid, the pinball machine at Thel's, the ice cream cones at Otte' the St. Peter swimming the trips to the "Cities" with Campbell or Oslund...sleeping on the deck at the Hospitality House after dancing at the the Wednesday night band concerts with Tonigan and Zobel...listening to Bowles talk...or Harvey....No more fast games of touch football in PT, or wrestling, or tumbling over Blair Mooney....or intracompany softball... or Wilson teaching swimming...and wondering about his white hats...or McHenry singing in the shower... or Ware and Eimers making points with the Mankato girls...or Marshall and Houde coming in stewed....or rooting for Glencoe against St. Peter high...or Richardson's singing...or Doc White's sleepy history classes...No more first amazement at Francoeur's double-jointed tricks....or listening to the World Series....or the spirit at the G.A. games...or the friendliness of the canteen...or the bitterness of Mrs. Nelson's class....No more Minneapolis Star Journal to read at evening more stenciling bees...or V-J Day rumors...or talk of Rice's "conquests"...or washing gym gear and hanging it on the fence...the exhaustion after cross-country or a strength test....or cramming for one of Rodine's tests....

No more climbing up the "Hill" early Sunday morning after a night at the more of Gullitch's more of Gustavus Adolphus for goodbye....but will you ever forget the rough time we gave the civilians the day we left, the water fights, or the girls in Rundstrom and Jonson singing "Anchors Aweigh" to us, and the final chat with the old man before we left, on delayed orders, for our new base, Iowa State A & M.....Yes, goodbye, G.A.C.
And so, Goodbye, G.A.C.
Naval V-12 Unit Leaves Gustavus, mentioning Lt. Commander Charles P. McCurdy and Mrs. Thorild Peterson
List of subjects and instructors at Gustavus Adolphus College, 1945
Physics, Rodine; College Algebra, Roselius; Economics, White; History, White; Naval Organization, McCurdy; Trigonometry, Mrs. Nelson; Engineering Drawing, Bolton; PT, McCrury

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