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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Election Results

This is one of the few pages detailing life at the University of Kansas that has any specific information. Class election results are posted. It also shows that the pictures in the scrapbook are not necessarily in order by date.

K.U., Mar. 46
Text of the results:
1. The following are the results of the election for V-5 Class Officers:
President: BURGESS, W. P., PT-6 (Bill Burgess)
Vice President: MC ILVAINE, W.R., PT-7 (Bill McIlvaine)
Sec-Treasurer: DE LAPP, J.K. PT-6 (Joe Delapp)

Boys will be boys, and the spooky flashlight picture is always fun.

A picture of Francis N. Duffey looking at something in his hand. He also appears to be having a bad hair day.

Here is a picture of two sailors in their "skivvies," one sitting on my dad's desk, the other standing next to it. Note the bathing beauty on the wall.

Appears to be Joe Delapp, newly elected Secretary-Treasurer.

Unidentified sailor.

I think this is a bit of trickery on Dad's part. It appears to be a double exposure of the same sailor.

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