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Friday, July 23, 2010

Spring, and a Young Sailor's Fancy Turns to...

Back of picture: Ames, Ia. Neither girl is identified, the girl on the right could be named Laney (last name?). This obviously was taken at the same time as the previous similar picture was taken on the last blog post.

Back of picture, in the girl on the left's handwriting: The blonde Laney is my adorable sister, Therese - she's just your type ~ !

Back of picture, in the same hand (gorgeous handwriting): Strictly candid! People have a bad habit of sneaking up on me unawares with a camera! Crunch!!

Back of picture, in the same hand: Brilliant smile is a result of the faithful adherence to Listerine, toothpaste, and Lucky Strikes!?!

Back of picture, in the same hand: My dog is a beautiful animal, isn't he?!!

Back of picture, same hand: This is one of my more demure, old fashioned moments ~

I can't find any other pictures in which I can clearly identify anyone as being this beautiful girl. She's gorgeous, has a kind of Lauren Bacall look, and it would seem my dad only dated knockouts, including my mom!

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