Anchors Aweigh!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It was a different time. No one worried about skin cancer, so, why not sunbathe on the metal stairwell outside of class?

Notice the T-shirt used as a pillow... measures must be taken to preserve comfort.

Smile! Someday, we might find out who you are and send this picture to your great-granddaughter!

Of course the tan should be even.

Here's Dad, with the sunbather hiding behind him! (Francis N. Duffey)

I think this is the same sailor that was sunbathing in the previous pictures. In his spare time he visited the "Dean James Woods Green Memorial" built to honor "Uncle Jimmy" Green in 1946. The statue stands in front of Lippincott Hall.

Elsewhere on campus, a tall sailor dwarfs a short officer. KU 1946

 Close-up of an unidentified sailor.

An unidentified event at the stadium. KU 1946

Another picture of my dad's residence while attending University of Kansas, 1946.

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